For centuries, modern medicine practices and prescription drugs were not an option. Tribes around the world have relied on earth's elements, the healing genius of all mother nature, to maintain great health.

 Sea Im Mossy is an all-natural product line, made
with organic herbs and care. The key ingridients
needed for the overall health of our hair, body & skin.

We strive to help our customers around the world maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

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Sea Moss is known as the "Miracle of the Sea". This is due to the fact that it contains 92 essential minerals out of 102 that our bodies need. With its high mineral content, Sea Moss can promote healthy skin making it great for beauty and hair care.

It can also help a person improve a number of their other daily activities by detoxing the body and supporting a healthy immune system. Our raw sea moss gels are the most pristine, made with love gels on the out!

We make our sea moss gel fresh, so that you get the highest quality,mineral filled sea moss gels when you place your order. Our handmade gels comes wild crafted from the shores of Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Africa.

We test our sea moss and never accept pool grown. As recommended by Dr. Sebi we make our sea moss gels with Alkaline Spring water. ONLY!

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